Best Online Bike Stores List

Bike equipment from online stores is often substantially cheaper than the same equipment at physical stores. Below you will find my list of the best online bike stores. Beneath the list, you can find details about my ranking methodology as well as tips for using the list effectively.


#1 (tied). 

JensonUSA takes my top rating among online bike stores based in the United States. JensonUSA offers great prices with free shipping and has excellent customer service. Most of the complete bikes that Jenson sells are mid to-high end, so consumers looking for entry-level bikes should look elsewhere. JensonUSA has a slightly narrower selection than some of the other stores listed.

Large Selection of: complete bikes, bike frames, bike parts, and bike clothing

Prices: great

Shipping: usually free to US on orders over $50

Location: US


ChainReactionCycles is my top recommendation among online bike stores outside the US. Excellent prices are offered on a wide range of products. While ChainReactionCycles is based in the UK, it offers free shipping to most international destinations. However, full bikes and heavy items still have an international shipping charge. If you live in the US and are purchasing a bike or a heavy item, I suggested you try one of the other stores listed.

Large Selection of: complete bikes, bike frames, bike parts, and bike clothing

Prices: great

Shipping: free to UK, free with variable minimum purchase to most other countries (free shipping excludes full bikes)

Location: UK



Amazon has a decent selection of biking equipment with outstanding prices. If you’re looking for mid or high-end complete bikes, Amazon is probably not the best option. However, if you’re looking for bike accessories, parts, or clothing, I recommend making Amazon the first place you look.

Large Selection of: bike clothing, bike gear, trainers, tools

Decent  Selection of: lower-end complete bikes

Prices: Outstanding

Shipping: free on orders over $35



PerformanceBike operates a chain of over 100 bike stores in 19 states. Performance also has operates one of the most popular online bike stores, offering good prices on a nice selection of items. Performance has a larger quantity of entry level bikes than most of the other retailers listed on this page.

Large Selection of: complete bikes, bike frames, bike parts, and bike clothing

Prices: very good

Shipping: $

Location: US


#5. is owned by Performance. The websites are very similar, but selection and prices will vary slightly between the two.

Large Selection of: complete bikes, bike frames, bike parts, bike gear, and bike clothing

Prices: Very Good

Shipping: $

Location: US



Craigslist is a classified ads website where many people list used bikes. If you’re knowledgeable about bikes and have a little bit of time on your hands, you might be able to find a great deal on Craigslist.


With eBay, you can’t see bikes in person and will likely need to pay shipping fees. However, eBay is still a decent source for used bikes and cheap accessories.


Using The List And Limitations Of The List

The online bike store that offers the best price on one product won’t offer the best price on all products. It is best to visit several of the sites above and compare prices—and don’t forget to take shipping and taxes into account. For some products, a bike store towards the bottom of the list may offer a better price than stores closer to the top of the list.


Ranking Methodology

I focus on three metrics when evaluating online bike stores: prices, selection, and service quality. Of these three, prices receives the most weight in the rankings. The stores you see at the top of this list have very good prices on most items–usually far better than you’ll find at local bike stores.


Online Bikes Stores vs. Local Bike Stores

Online bike stores are generally more convenient and much cheaper than brick-and-mortar bike stores. Another benefit of online stores is that they usually have large inventories and easily accessible customer reviews.

At local bike shops, you can get help from store employees—which is especially useful to people without a lot of biking experience. When shopping in person, you can physically handle the products rather than just look at pictures of them. Getting on a bike and seeing how it fits can be far superior to looking at sizing information online.

The ideal online bike store for each person is location dependent. A bike store in the US may have expensive shipping charges to the UK or vice versa.

ChainReactionCycles does a great job catering to visitors from multiple countries. The site offers cheap international shipping and automatically detects your location and prices products in terms of your local currency.


My Favorite Bike Shops By Location

Best Online Bike Store in the US: JensonUSA

Best Online Bike Store in the UK:  ChainReactionCycles



Finding the right site to purchase bike gear from can be difficult. I hope this site can ease the decision making process. If you think there is another retailer that qualifies as one of the best online bike stores, please let me know.