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I’ve been using for several years and its one of my favorite online retailers. Amazon offers a decent selection of cycling equipment, especially biking clothing, trainers, accessories, and tools. If you’re looking for high-end complete bikes, Amazon is probably not a great place to shop. However, if you’re looking for low end bikes or kids bikes, Amazon can be a great option.

Amazon’s prices are excellent–almost always equal to or better than competitors offering the same products. Shipping is free on most orders over $25, making it an even better deal. Another plus about Amazon is that it offers so many products unrelated related to cycling. If you only need a tire tube, you can add a book or two to your order and get free shipping.

Amazon has great customer support and an excellent return policy.

In Short: While Amazon doesn’t have the largest selection of cycling equipment, the products it does stock tend to be very well priced.

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