Amazon vs. Other Online Bike Stores

Amazon isn’t solely a bike store which may make many potential customers question whether its really an appropriate place to buy a bike or bike equipment from. Personally I think its actually one of the best places for a lot of bike equipment. They have fantastic deals on a whole range of products: pumps, parts, jerseys, lights, you name it. Amazon also offers free shipping on most products at a pretty low price level ($35 or any price for Amazon Prime members). Honestly, its the first place I would consider when buying bike clothing, accessories, shoes, or low-end parts.

How does Amazon fare for actual complete bikes? This is a different story. Amazon has a lot of low-end bikes at good (sometimes great) prices. You can get a crummy geared road bike from them for just over $100. That’s a lot better than you’d ever do at your local bike store. On the other hand, they really don’t have much selection for higher end bikes or bike frames. If your looking for middle range or high end bikes, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

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