Best Online Bike Stores In The UK

Here you’ll find the top three stores I recommend in the UK. All three of these bike stores do an excellent job of serving customers in other parts of Europe.


1. ChainReactionCycles

ChainReactionCycles is the largest online cycling shop in the world and it offers a fantastic selection of items at truly great prices. It is also an excellent retailer for people shopping from various countries within Europe. The website will automatically price its items in your local currency and will ship most orders above a minimum price for free (there is a charge for shipping full bikes to some countries). This minimum price varies substantially, but it generally between €11-€100 (or equivalent amount in other currencies).

Prices: Excellent

Main Location: UK


2. Wiggle

Wiggle offers a solid selection of items at very good prices. Wiggle also does a great job catering to visitors of various countries and free shipping is available on most orders above a minimum price threshold. Again, full bikes will ship free to some, but not all, locations.

Prices: Very Good

Main Location: UK


3. EvansCycles

EvansCycles has a large selection of items with good prices. Like the other stores, most orders of non-bike items will ship free to international destinations as long as the order is large enough. The minimum order amount generally ranges from €35-€250.

Prices: Good

Main Location: UK