Bikes Direct Review

This is my review of my own personal experience with BikesDirect. For more details about the company, take a look at my thorough investigation of BikesDirect.

On May 20th I purchased a Motobecane Mirage S from BikesDirect. The Mirage S is a low end aluminum road bike with a Shimano STI drivetrain. The bike was just under $400 at the time I purchased it (and in the BikesDirect fashion, it was claimed that the bike should be compared at bikes costing $1099+ from other manufacturers).

I had several concerns when buying this bike (this purchase was before my thorough investigation).

  • Would the Motobecane frame be of reasonable quality?
  • How would the low end Shimano components perform?
  • How complicated would the assembly be?
    • Would anything come broken?
    • Would extensive adjustment of components be necessary?
      • Would the wheels need truing?

When I received the bike I was a little surprised that it required more assembly than the website would have led me to believe. The instructions were low quality and looked like they had been written for another bike. Admittedly I didn’t spend long trying to follow them before deciding to just assemble the bike on my own. However, it still was not particularly complicated–mechanically inclined individuals and people with a lot of bike-related experience will be able to handle the assembly.

Everything was good once the bike had been assembled. The wheels were just slightly out of true, but not enough that I felt it was necessary to adjust them. My initial rides were great. The frame wasn’t light, but I didn’t expect it to be for a bike at this price point. The shifting was smooth and the brakes were really solid. Overall, I was extremely happy with the bike. For $400 it seemed like an incredible deal. Even buying used, I think it would have been quite difficult to get something better at such a low price-point.

Unfortunately, the bike was stolen after before I’d even had two months with it. I cannot say much about long-term durability, but in the short term it held up very well.

Only two downsides overall:

  • The assembly instructions were really low quality
  • The paint seemed very low quality. Scratches came much more easily than on other bikes I’ve owned.

I would give BikesDirect 4.5 stars out of 5 for people who are cost conscious and capable of assembling a bike on their own. For other individuals, BikesDirect is not quite as good an option, but is likely to still be worth consideration. If you’re looking to get a better understanding of BikesDirect, I highly recommend you check out my thorough investigation.