Buying a Used Bike Online

Note: If you’re deciding if you should buy a new bike or a used bike, I suggest you read Used Bikes vs. New Bikes first.

Used bikes are often substantially cheaper than comparable new bikes. When buying a used bike, make sure to pay a lot of attention to the bike’s condition, components, and fit. You have a few different options when looking to buy a used bike online:


Ebay offers a fairly large market of used bikes. Some bikes are listed with a fixed price while others are sold auction style.  Most listings will provide a description and several pictures of the bike. The biggest advantages of Ebay are its ease of use and feedback/accountability methods. The biggest downsides are the shipping charges and inability to actually ride the bike before purchasing.


Craigslist a classified Ads site that many people list bikes on. If you live in a well populated area, you might have a whole lot of bikes to choose from. When you find a listing of interest, you can contact the bike’s owner and arrange a time for you to take a look at the bike. With Craigslist you will be able to see the bike in person and have the option of test riding it. The downsides to Craigslist are the limited selection and the sometimes time consuming process.

3. Cycling Forums with Classified Sections

Many online bike forms have classified ad sections where people list bikes they are selling. If you have a large local bike club, this might be worth looking into.