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ChainReactionCycles claims to be the largest online bike store in the world. It is based in the UK and offers excellent prices on a great selection of products. Although ChainReactionCycles is based in the UK, it is a great option for international purchases. The site automatically detects your location and lists prices in your local currency. Shipping to international destinations is reasonable, and in most countries it is free if your order surpasses a minimum purchase threshold. Shipping is free to the US on most orders over $99, and free to Australia on orders over 99 AUD. If you live in the UK, shipping is free with no minimum purchase. The website is very easy to use and prices tend to be very good.

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  1. I am giving them a bad rating, because I paid for a set of disc brakes, and got two empty boxes. I”m not sure when and where the items were taken or if they never put them in the box. I did go the their website and complain about not getting my stuff, but they sent me a form to fill out. What really ticked me off, was that it took three weeks, and I got nothing but empty boxes.

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