Full Disclosure on Affiliation

Many of the online bike stores I list on this site compensate me for referring customers to their websites. I want to believe that I don’t let this influence how I rank and review the stores, but I can’t truly claim to be unbiased or impartial. Below is a list of stores and the kind of compensation I receive from them. I’m writing this list off the top of my head and terms of these agreements change overtime, so I don’t guarantee the accuracy of any information here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


5% commissions on sales


4% commissions on most sales

2% commissions on bikes

For ChainReactionCycles, I use a 3rd party network that takes a quarter of my commission. My effective compensation is 3.5% on most purchases and 1.5% on bikes.


Amazon has a sliding scale of compensation depending on the volume of sales I refer to them. Generally I receive 6 to 6.5% commissions.


I have no affiliate agreement with PricePoint and receive no compensation from them.

PerformanceBike & Nashbar

3% commissions on sales


I believe eBay has a more complicated compensation structure and I can’t recall how it works. I would refer to eBay’s website for more information.


I have no relationship with Craigslist and receive no compensation.