BikesDirect is an online bike retailer that claims to offer great deals through factory direct pricing. Bikes sold on BikesDirect generally substantially have higher-end components than other bikes sold at similar pricepoints.

BikesDirect primarily sells bikes from the following in-house brands:

  • Motobecane
  • Mercier
  • Windsor
  • Dawes
  • Mango
  • Gravity
  • Condor

These brands were all originally produced by other companies and BikesDirect bought up the trademarks in recent years (

This misleads some customers, but movement of trademarks between different manufacturers isn’t new in the cycling industry. Schwinn is perhaps the most classic name in cycling, but the Schwinn bikes today have little connection to the original manufacturer. In 2001 Pacific Cycles acquired the Schwinn brand name.  Later, Pacific Cycles was bought out by Dorrel industries. Today’s Schwinns bear little resemblance to the originals, but the reputation built by the original owners of the brand continues to benefit the current owners.

BikesDirect all sells several brands of bikes that are not in-house, including:

  • Fuji
  • Kestrel


Historically, many North American bike companies produced their bikes locally, but now nearly all manufacutrers produce their bikes overseas, usually in Asia ( American bike companies are now mostly involved in engineering, marketing, and distribution–rather than the actual manufacture of bicycles.

A limited number of companies produce most modern bikes and many brands work with the same manufacturers and within the same factories. Kinesis Industry produces most of BikesDirect’s products. Kinesis also produces a large numbers of bikes for whole bunch of well-known brands, including: Trek, Felt, Diamondback, GT, Jamis, Schwinn, K2, Raleigh, Kross, and Kona.
I’ve personally bought one bike from BikesDirect and had a good experience. I still have a number of questions regarding sourcing, design decisions, and quality control. I’ve reached out to BikesDirect with some questions and plan to update this page if I get a response.